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Garage Door Openers in Northern NJ

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For you to choose the right garage door opener, you need to understand the features that are available to you. Once you do, and there are only a few; you will be able to select the perfect garage door opener for your home.

This page will take you on a tour of those features and in 3 or 4 minutes you will be armed and ready to make the best decision.



Garage door openers are available in 1/2HP and 3/4 HP; the HP stands for horsepower. This refers to the power available to lift the door. What people outside the industry don't know is that nearly all the lifting power is provided by the garage door spring system. A properly balanced door is the most important thing for long term operation. In fact, proper balancing can make a 400 pound door seem weightless.

Garage door manufacturers recommend as doors gets bigger and heavier to move to the 3/4 HP motor because in time the door moves away from perfect balance and may feel like it weighs 10, 20, 30 or even 40 pounds. And that's when having a 3/4 HP motor can really help... by adding life to the opener, it will provide more reliability for heavier doors like Carriage House Garage Doors or Double-Wide Doors.

In the absence of a "heavy" garage door, it makes little sense to spend the extra money on a 3/4 HP opener. Use the 1/2HP instead... it will do the same thing for less money.

Chain-Drive Vs. Belt-Drive Garage Door Openers

  • Chain-Drive - Chain driven garage door openers are the oldest and most proven design. They are built to last and provide you with reliable and safe operation. Chain driven garage door openers are very affordable, but can be noisy. If you want a durable and affordable garage door opener and don't care about a little noise, then this is usually the best choice.
  • Belt-Drive - Belt driven garage door openers were developed to provide quiet operation. They are a little more expensive so one would typically consider a belt driven motor when the garage is attached to your home... and especially if you have a bedroom, TV room or kitchen adjacent to the garage... you won't hear it.

Other types of Garage Door Openers

  • Screw-Drive - In the Northeast most people do not use screw drives due to wide variances in weather and temperature changes that can negatively effect the performance. Not recommended in Northern NJ.
  • Residential Direct-Drive or "Jackshaft" - Used when your garage has a low ceiling and not enough room for a conventional garage door opener. This low-profile design is attached to the torsion bar of your garage door

AC vs DC motors

The big difference between AC and DC is that DC motors allow you to use a battery back-up. This is useful when the power goes out... you won't get locked out of your house. As soon as power is restored, the battery will re-charge automatically. DC motors also have the advantage of being quieter than AC and are often paired with a belt-drive system for very quiet operation.

Intellicode Or Security Plus

Most new garage door openers come with the new "rolling-code" or "intellicode" technology. With "intellicode" technology the code transmitted from the remote to the garage door opener changes every time you open your garage door. This technology helps keep your home secure from people who may want to intercept your remote signal. We'll show you how to easily program your remote. This feature is a must for security purposes.


We can sell any brand of garage door opener we want and we recommend LiftMaster. They do everything you want an opener to do and over time we have seen they have the best track record for reliability.


All of our garage door openers are HomeLink compatible. If you have a car with a garage door remote control built-in, you can be confident it will work.

A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way

Garage door openers are built to last... and most of the LiftMaster® line will still be working 20 years from now if the garage door is properly maintained. The garage door counter balance system will have a tremendous impact on the life of your new opener. Please make sure the installer inspects the springs and pulleys, if they are not functioning properly, they can strip the gears right out of your new opener. These inspections are normal procedure at Aspen Garage Doors, but it has been our experience that may not by true for many garage door opener companies.

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