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Glass or Frenchporte Style Garage Door

FrenchPorte garage doors capture the beauty and elegance of French doors, but work like a conventional garage door.

FrenchPorte Garage Doors

Don't be fooled by the appearance of these gorgeous doors, they may appear fragile but are virtually unbreakable and can absolutely transform the exterior of a home for far less money than a home improvement.

FrenchPorte garage doors offer durability, dependability and beautiful looks to make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

The garage is one area of a home that is often overlooked when creating a particular look or feel in the home, yet it is a major component of the overall balance and curb appeal. The FrenchPorte Garage Door now allows you to take what was once ordinary and make it extraordinary by introducing total balance and harmony. Isn't it time you considered a garage door that is a compliment to the rest of your home?.

French or Glass Garage Doors- Why Buy?

Type: FrenchPorte Glass Garage Door


  • Constructed from durable, extruded aluminum.
  • Translucent frosted panes are made of polycarbonate sheet which is virtually unbreakable.
  • Hardware comes in nickel or brass finish.
  • Garage door includes heavy duty hardware and high-quality rubber weather barrier to keep out the harshest elements.

Reasons People Buy Our FrenchPorte Garage Doors:

  1. FrenchPorte garage doors add a sophisticated and elegant look to your home. The #1 reason people choose this model is to enhance the look of their home.
  2. Low maintenance design offers many years of use without the risk of rusting, warping, cracking or splitting.

French Garage Doors- Before & After

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Available Styles

Kendra Style Glass Garage Door


Jennifer Type Garage Door


Maleline Style Glass Garage Door


Still not sure? Compare Frenchporte to Other Garage Door Styles

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